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Untitled Spoken Word

Our hearts are stirring, a
desire burns within. A desire that God
has placed. Our minds scatter in every
direction imaginable.
But we must make a decision: Do we leave the fear,
the doubt, at His feet,
stepping out into the waves of our destiny. Or, do we take a step back,
strapping the fear, the doubt to our backs,
never allowing ourselves to move forward. Yes, it is our choice,
we can step out into our calling, or, take
a step back. But why leave ourselves full of questions
about what might have been if only we had just followed
through. The time is now. Step out into those waters, with fear,
with trembling hands and feet, trusting in God
to guide your every step. Yes, we may stumble and fall,
but God will never fail us, he will bring us to the place
of his desire.
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Through Your Eyes

Take me into your arms,
let me see through
your eyes.

Let me see Your
Your compassion.

Your hope,
mercy and

Shine Your light,
as would a candle
in the darkness.

Let it be as
the lighthouse guiding
the ships at night.

Let it be as a
lighting my path.

And just as the sun
lights the world
at daybreak.

let Your light shine
so that I may see.


I stand before you now, crying and
Humbling down unto my knees,
A tear stricken face you gaze upon
With such forgiveness and love.

You gently grasp my hand and
Bring me unto my feet.
My eyes are lifted upon the sight of you
And so my soul is also lifted.

My flood of tears you wiped away,
Bringing peace that calmed the winds
Of my life, turning them into a slight breeze,
So that I could stand.


As a mighty wind
Upon me

Let it calm
my soul, sooth
my aching heart.

Like rain
are my

They flow as
of a rushing

Stopping only
for a spilt

Stop the rain
O’ Lord I pray

Let it pass so
the sun will shine
in the morn.

Let there be a
new song upon my heart
so that I may sing
unto you.